"My children, our love should not be just words and talk, it must be true love which shows itself in action"
I John 3:18



Our Vision

Our Vision

  A place where everyone knows what is going on because everyone can sign.

  Did you know that if the deaf all lived in one country, it would be the fifth largest country in the world?

  Did you know that there are deaf people in the United States that have never heard about Jesus?

    Deafness immediately isolates you from a communicating world, and we need to communicate.  Without communication, how can you find out about Jesus?

    In many countries, deaf people are considered unable to learn.  So why teach them about Jesus?

  In some countries, deaf people are considered subhuman.  They don't need to know about Jesus...right?


  Deaf people are no different than hearing people; they simply can't hear.

  Deaf people need Jesus too.

  HANDPRINTS has been called to bridge a gap between the deaf and hearing worlds for Jesus.

  What God calls us to do, we have the responsibility to step out and do it.

  Today, that means...
    doing Biblical dramas in English and Sign
    teaching Sunday School classes in both languages
    teaching children, deaf or hearing from age 2 to 102, sign language
    offering special programs about Jesus in both languages

  Tomorrow, who knows what will happen?

  God never stands still and it's for sure that HANDPRINTS doesn't want to be caught doing that.

  The heavens are the limit. Watch us and see what God will do!