"My children, our love should not be just words and talk, it must be true love which shows itself in action"
I John 3:18



King's Army Picture Gallery

Here you will find pictures from dramas that we as the King's Army have done.

For information about each drama, you can click on their titles to go to the Main Dramas and Events Page. For further information about these dramas, get in contact with us.


Black Light - Youth  Club Rescue - part 2  The Redemption Project  Club Rescue  He Still Came  WGOD  From the Cradle, to the Cross, to the Crown  October at the Theatre

Past Summer Dramas

Black Light Drama - Youth - October 2005

Club Rescue - part 2 - October 2005

The Redemption Project - October 2004

Club Rescue - October 2004

He Still Came - October 2001

And, here are some pictures from "He Still Came" when we did it back in August 1994.

WGOD - October 2000

From the Cradle, to the Cross, to the Crown

From the cradle, ... ...to the cross, ... ...to the crown

Regular Events

October at the Theatre

October at the Theatre 2002:
A scene from the Summer 2002 drama we did
October at the Theatre 2003:
A scene from the Summer 2003 drama we have done in the Theatre (Note: this one was actually done in early November of that year)
October at the Theatre 2004: