"My children, our love should not be just words and talk, it must be true love which shows itself in action"
I John 3:18



Ministry Team:

Ministry Team:

Dawn Barbee: Activities Director

Creative, skilled in dance and sign, excellent in teaching, in love with the Lord, full of energy, gutsy, and with a heart for ministry. She began sign classes as soon as she could drive (this was before we had "transportation specialists") and has been here ever since. With her creativity and level headedness, big plans come together well. Because of her heart for reaching people for Jesus Christ, our ministry team is in good hands with her. Go for it Dawn!


Cindy Cozad: Executive Director / Founder / President

Cindy Cozad, the founder of HANDPRINTS, is one committed person. Many years ago, she had a vision and felt led by God to start a Christian organization that would help bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing worlds for Christ. She, along with others, gathered to start what God had called them to do. Thus, HANDPRINTS was born! Starting in 1981, part of the mission to the deaf has entailed the production of dramas that are done both in American Sign Language and English. In 1987, Cindy and company also began another outlet of ministry by holding sign language classes for children. Many people have come and gone over the years, but Cindy is the one person who has remained in HANDPRINTS since its inception. She loves the Lord and is a joy to serve the Lord with. One thing about HANDPRINTS is that you do not need to worry about its leadership, and Cindy is a great example of this. Keep it up Cindy!


Stephen Whitaker

After volunteering to help with several programs, he joined the Ministry Team in 2008. To improve his skills in ministry, he has taken 5 years of sign classes becoming skilled in artistic sign. Besides being extremely creative he has become responsible for the audio portion of our programs. He brings the joy of the Lord to our ministry. Thank you Stephen!


Ceanan Shelton

Involvement with HANDPRINTS came out of sign classes. During that time she was "drafted" to become a part of the 2010 dinner theatre program and has remained a part of the Ministry Team ever since. We enjoy her vitality and enthusiasm. It is contagious. She sees the ministry as a unique opportunity to tell people about God through sign and offers a youthful outlook for all our projects. We appreciate you Ceanan!


Anna Mullis

A home schooler whose fascination with sign led her into the Ministry Team. Her creativity has been a tremendous asset. Born the oldest in a family of 7 children she is always volunteering one or two to help us fill the gaps. Way to go, Anna!


Michael Brown

More information to come.


Support Team

Carla McRorie

Fascinated by the deaf in her church as a child, Carla was drawn to investigate sign as a skill. This interest in the deaf brought her to HANDPRINTS and she is now our #1 office worker. She is extremely versatile, volunteering wherever there is a need: from associate cook to "on stage back up unit". She has been a blessing more than she understands. Yeah Carla!


Peggy Herrick

Kids are her thing; transportation is her job. With her sacrifice of time and gas, HANDPRINTS has the opportunity to teach some children who would not be able to come to class due to the fact that their parents are working during their class time. Peggy has been doing this for several years and because of her dedication, the King's Army has grown. Not everyone in HANDPRINTS is a gifted signer, but everyone does love the Lord. Peggy is proof of that.

P.S. -- She is also a faithful ministry team member taking care of costumes and helping wherever needed.


Lissey Mullis

Anna's sister. Yes, she is one of those volunteered! Praise the Lord! Lissey's favorite spot is running sound and she loves it there! Go gal!


Ethan Mullis

Anna's brother. YES, he too is one of those volunteered on a regular basis. He will work in any capacity needed: back stage, on stage, running camera, etc. Hurrah for Ethen!