"My children, our love should not be just words and talk, it must be true love which shows itself in action"
I John 3:18



The Board Members of HANDPRINTS

The Board Members of HANDPRINTS

From left to right: Mike Jolly, Richard Archer, Patti Reeves, Charlie Cox


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Richard Archer: Chairman of the Board

Hard of hearing, Richard and his wife took a sign class several years ago and his life has never been the same. As a retired insurance salesman, he has become invaluable to the ministry for guidance in business matters, help in opening doors for ministry, and developing support groups throughout this community. This ministry has been blessed to have him as an integral part of the team. And to think as Richard so aptly puts it, "All I ever wanted was a simple signing class."

(Thanks Richard)


Charlie Cox: Board Secretary / Treasurer

He is proof that you can grow into ministry. He began his HANDPRINTS experience as a second grader in the King's Army. Now with nineteen years of sign classes to his credit, he has become involved in every aspect of the ministry. Charlie's expertise deals with computers and audio recording. In 2000, he began sharing this gift with HANDPRINTS by digitizing the audio for the summer drama. Next came the digital recording of the speaking parts for the children involved in this ministry. He also is a transporter whenever possible, part of the ministry team, and secretary/treasurer of the board.

By the way, he created this website! It is great to have him on board.


Board Members:

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Mike Jolly

For years, Mike has witnessed the ministry in action as we would present programs at his church, but now, he has decided to become part of our team. Chef for our dinner theaters, playing bit parts when needed including his most recent venture as "Moses", sharing his vocal talents for our dramas, Mike brings his expertise in business to our board.


Patti Reeves

Patti started adult classes approximately ten years ago and hasn't quit yet! She's the ministry seamstress and all-around helper for things such as the yard sales, dinner theaters, and special programs. She has done everything from collecting money to selling hot dogs, signing songs for walk-through dramas, and putting together the best banners we have ever had.

Way to go, gal!