"My children, our love should not be just words and talk, it must be true love which shows itself in action"
I John 3:18



HANDPRINTS History and Ministry

HANDPRINTS History and Ministry

history picture    We are a nonprofit Christian team with one central theme: "to bridge the gap" for Jesus between the deaf and hearing worlds. HANDPRINTS Ministries is comprised of both deaf and hearing people. Since 1981, we have had the opportunity to travel to different churches and organizations throughout the Southeast, sharing God's love in states from Florida to Tennessee and Pennsylvania, presenting programs in both English and Sign Language.

   Dedicated volunteers make HANDPRINTS Biblical (musical) dramas come alive in both languages. Also, a children's ministry team, "The King's Army" has met with tremendous success with their one-act dramas. Besides the dramas, workshops for the deaf and hearing are available.

   Besides full-length dramas, Sunday school programs are also available. These are hands on experiences where the class not only gets to learn a little sign, but also they receive a Bible story done in a very unique way.

class picture    In 1987, another facet of our ministry, sign language classes for children, began. Today, HANDPRINTS goes anywhere God opens the door to teach the language for the deaf: from daycares to home school groups, from private Christian schools to Wednesday night church meetings, from summer camps to adult classes (older children), covering children from the age of 2 to 102. Wherever there is an interest, HANDPRINTS can help.

   In 1998, we introduced "Jerusalem", our Easter walk-through presentation on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The attendance has doubled each year.

walk-through drama picture    As part of our Missions commitment, we have been able to send one of our deaf members to Jamaica on two ten-day mission trips to work with the deaf in that country. Also, we help support an American deaf missionary working in Germany helping the deaf there learn about Jesus.

   All of the Ministry programs are presented asking only for a love offering and a meal. The sign language classes have a minimal fee to pay for teacher's salaries and expenses. All donations go into the work of the ministry. HANDPRINTS has been fortunate to receive donations from individuals, organizations, and churches to make it possible to get some of the more expensive items that are needed. Without this tremendous support, we could not function efficiently.

   With great excitement, HANDPRINTS encourages you to tap into one or all of our many areas of ministry. I believe we can be a great asset to any group, organization, or church.

His servant,

Cindy Cozad, Director